Submit your coworking space, executive suite or shared office space

We encourage Global Workspace Association members to submit your workspace(s) to our workspace search database. Our database includes Coworking Spaces, Business Centers and Executive Suites from around the world. There is SEO value in addition to lead generation potential. In order to submit, please follow the instructions below. If you are not yet a member, please check out our membership benefits.

  1. DOWNLOAD THE shared Workspace listing SUBMISSION FORM

    Please download the form by clicking on the blue icon further down on the page. Fill out the Excel template so we can easily import your shared workspace data into our system. This process helps us eliminate errors and import the information exactly as you submitted it. Please email excel sheets to Jamie Russo at

  2. SEND US YOUR shared workspace PHOTOS

    The size should be 500 pixels (width) by 300 pixels (height). The file type should be a JPEG. Low quality images will not be displayed to ensure the integrity of the directory. If you only have a few images feel free to email them to Jamie Russo at make sure that the file names clearly indicate the workspace address that the photos belong to. If you have several larger files, please upload them to and share the folder with

Please allow us 1-2 weeks to process your submission!

How to download the file?

1. When you click on the download icon below, a new window pops up. Select "Save file" and then click "OK".

XLSX file
(Excel Workbook)

Please note that there are 2 worksheets to fill out.

2. After clicking "OK" a new window pops up allowing you to select the desired location where you'd like to save the file to.

XLS file
(Excel 97-2003 Workbook)

Please note that there are 2 worksheets to fill out.