What’s News? Latest Happenings in the Shared Workspace Industry


Shared Workspace Industry News

News reported on the Everything Coworking Podcast hosted by Jamie Russo, GWA Executive Director and brought to you by by the Global Workspace Association.

Listen here: http://everythingcoworking.libsyn.com/22-whats-news

  • Jamie Russo has been appointed as the new Executive Director of Global Workspace Association
  • News in the shared workspace industry!
    • Verizon has announced a partnership with Grind Spaces to open a coworking space in lower Manhattan to build support for startups, freelancers, and creatives.  Read more here.
    • Mark your calendars for upcoming industry conferences:
      • WorkTech West Coast 2015 was held in December 2015.  The conference is run by a company called Unwired, owned by Phillip Ross, that leads international conferences.  They cover a variety of content and speakers who are doing a different workplace strategies.
      • GCUC – Global Coworking Unconference Conference just announced its conference will be the first week in May in Los Angeles – early bird tickets can be purchased at GCUC.co.  Check out all their international conferences on the website too!
      • GWA – Global Workspace Association annual conference is September 28th in Las Vegas.
    • CoShare, a coworking association, just published a vendor comparison tool, it’s on coshare.co on their blog, look for the link to a google doc, it’s a comparison of membership management softwares.
  • Stay tuned for more!  If you have news that should be covered, or questions you have about the industry, email jamie@globalworkspace.org.